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Beer is unique. A lifetime can be dedicated to exploring its many styles, its taste, evoking memories of adventures past, a catalyst for sharing time with friends both old and new. Let’s explore, taste and share together, let’s join and be part of the adventure.

brewed with
snowdonia water

Wales has an abundance of water, sometimes we curse it, sometimes we’re thankful for it. At Snowdon Craft Beer we blend water from the Snowdonia rain basin with other natural ingredients and nurture it to produce a collection of cask, keg and bottled beers. Ranging from our highly praised lager, IPAs, best bitters, milds and stouts.











Crafted with a
spirit of adventure

Nestled between the North Wales Coast and the Snowdonia National Park, our brewery and the beers we brew are inspired by the spirit and beauty of our natural surroundings. Be it the gentle rolling hills of the Conwy Valley, the fast-flowing rivers of Betws-y-Coed or the rugged mountains of Tryfan and Moel Siabod the landscape is the source of our creativity.

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